la tête à l'enversla tête à l'enversla tête à l'envers la tête à l'enversla tête à l'envers

Brazilian smoothing

t is a treatment with keratin 100% natural, genuine benefit to your hair. Instead of changing the hair from the inside, just like a traditional or Japanese straightening (Yuko), Brazilian smoothing the envelope and the sheath to make it more flexible and silky.

Your hair is so fed, reinforced and easy to style! Goodbye dry hair, damaged or chopsticks style victim of straightening. Brazilian smoothing relaxes the hair, makes it shiny and helps to tame frizzy or curly hair. Unlike Japanese straightening, can be a Brazilian smoothing although it was colored, natural or brushed hair.

Real nourishing to keratin, Brazilian smoothing is ideal for damaged and weakened hair that become overgrown in contact with moisture.

Brazilian smoothing relaxes curls and makes hair shiny, it does not stiffen like a Japanese straightening. To summarize, the Brazilian smoothing helps discipline your hair but does not make them straight!

Unlike the Japanese straightening is permanent, Brazilian smoothing care and its effect wears off after 3 to 4 months. And if you want to find your curls faster, just leave the shampoo without sodium sulfate recommended and return to your regular shampoo!

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"La Tête à l'Envers"

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