Charming and picturesque ...
    Yport is an old traditional fishing village on the Alabaster coast, between Etretat and Fécamp (Seine-Maritime, Haute Normandie).
    - There are everywhere charming little fishing houses and beautiful villas built in the 19th century.
    - Yport also has the privilege of a lovely pebble beach and rock, a walk, a few booths, children's games and relaxation areas.
    - The shops, cafes and restaurants are not lacking in Yport, not to mention the Church, its Mayor and Casino.
    - The tourist office offers a leaflet indicating suggested to visit this beautiful little town in the Land of High Cliffs route.
    - Maupassant and others, Renoir, Corot and many impressionist painters or not, had the pleasure of staying in Yport and appreciate the charm and picturesque.
    - The brightness of his fields, the variety of sites and especially the wild beauty of its shores as its valleuse make it one of the most charming corners of France.

    How come ?
    - From Paris: 200 km - Motorway A13 - Exit Brotonne Bridge or Bridge Tancarville - Fécamp management. A Epreville, turn right towards Yport.
    - De Boulogne / mer, Rouen and Le Havre: A 29 Motorway - exit Fécamp. A Epreville, turn right towards Yport.
    - By train from Paris - Saint-Lazare: Direction du Havre, Honfleur down to Bréauté. Change to Fecamp. Then bus or taxi.

    Many events.

    - Torchlight in the streets: July 13, 2013.
    - Games street in the village: July 14, 2013.
    - Fireworks: August 14, 2013.
    - Festival of the Sea: August 15, 2013.

    La météo à Yport (3 jours)